depending on whether you are writing a paper, a proposal or a thesis, the structure of your work might differ. in this post we are going to review these sturctures briefly.

structure of a paper:

- abstract: which includes an overview of your work, your hypothesis and results

- intoduction: this is where you set the scene and promblematize the issue and explain its importance

- literature review: this is a critical review of what is known and what the problems are

- methods: this section includes an explanation of your approach, details and demog hics such as the number of participants and so on

- results: description of what happened, statistical methods, tables, ... -the tables and g hs must be consistant with apa

- discussion: what the result means and why this is important. you need to answer two questions here, why so and so what. this is where you get creative and analytical

- conclusion: sum up the entire study, say the final message, review the previous sections and give suggestions for further study

structure of a thesis:

- chapter 1: introduction

- chapter 2: review of literature

- chapter 3: methods

- chapter 4: results

- chapter 5: discussions & conclusion

structure of a proposal:

- abstract

- introduction

- review of literature

_ methods