in the name of god

in the name of god
hello good night.iwant to talking about how we p ... ed cl ... during 29th and the following week.but first of all i should admitt that i'm sorry about not writing this ejornal on time and i hope you ignore it.
at first we attended cl ... and when you ... e to cl ... we started to read our book and we did some exercises of it together, but some of my friends were asleep and didn't coaprate as well.
in my point of view it would be better for cl ... if you consider negative mark for some people who are not active in cl ... ,because it's admirable to have a cl ... that all of its members coaprate in it.
the next session we had a lecture by naser majidi that was about how to improve listening skils which was ok however he needs to stop reading the article from the slides.

we also covered the book and did its activites and made conver ... ions.
thanks for your attention