an introduction to endnote

in the second session we learned about endnote software in general. endnote is a reference mana ... ent package helping one to write articles and essays more easily. if you want to learn more about it, please read the following instruction:

the first thing you need to do is to create a library (file --> new --> create new library). then you can add articles or books (you can add a lot of things! but books and articles are the most frequently used) to your library. there are two possible pathways for that:

1. use the “add” icon in endnote: this way you have to type all the article information in related boxes, which seems a bit time consuming. fortunately, there is another way which saves time and effort!

2. use the "export" ... on and export articles right from the main source: while looking for the related articles, you can export the information of the desired article to endnote. this way, you do not need to write the demog ... hic data manually. after being exported to endnote, the article data will be displayed on your library section.

the next stage is to add the article itself to the library. ... the full text and attach the file to your library. you can read on the articles and make possible changes. easy as that!

now imagine you are writing a literature review and you need to give citations. when endnote is already installed on your computer, you can simply see the index in your microsoft word toolbar. use the insert citation ... on and choose the article to which you are referring. this way you can have the citation plus a complete reference list of the articles you have cited in your work. remember that you need to have chosen the reference style (apa, mla, etc.) beforehand.

you can also import and export articles to your library or you can get rid of the unwanted ones by putting them in the trashcan. moreover, you can create different groups in your library and organize your data into subgroups.

endnote has interesting features, you just need to hang around a little bit! enjoy!