in the first move you try to establish a research territory by claiming that the area on which you are working is generally important. here you may as well want to provide your reader with some background information about the topic on which you are working. you also need to give a short literature review of the field. the last part of your research should give your reader the definition of some key terms.

the second move of your introduction is concerned with establishing a niche, means that you indicate a gap in the previous studies and, raise a question about them or extend the previous knowlege about the subject matter. you can also identify some problems or needs

the third move which is the most important part is where you occupy the niche by stating the purposes of your research, declaring the findings of your research,which has bridged the gap,showing the thesis structure and providing previews of the subsequent parts, you can also indicate the theoritical state of your research or describe methods which you have used in your study