in the name of god 30 facts about prophet muhammad -pbuh- my aim behind writing this post is to just give the most accurate and original information regarding our most beloved prophet muhammad (peace be upon him). here are 30 facts about the prophet muhammad -pbuh-: 1. he was a descendant of the prophet ismail the son of prophet ibrahim. -pbut- 2. prophet muhammad pbuh was born in mecca. 3. the year was 570 a.d. 4. shortly after his birth his mother died. 5. his father was already dead before his birth. so he be e orphan. 6. during this time his uncle aboo talib and his grand father abdul-mutlib took care of him. 7. at the age of nine he started going on trade trips along with his uncle. 8. he met with people of different nations and religions during those trips. 9. his character was respected by all. people throughout medina including the jews gave him the name of “the trustworthy.” 10. in one of his trips he met a christian scholar, the scholar said to his uncle that he will one day do something great and i can see it because all the trees, mountains and sea are in the bow in front of him.